Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Desert Monsoon

This is the view of my patio this morning.  When it rains in the desert, it pours!  The first photo is my window, looking toward my back yard.  The second photo is the puddle that is growing next to my patio.  To take liberty with the lyrics of another song - Rainy days on Sunday get me down.  Actually, rainy days anytime get me down.

We've had 1.2 inches of rain yesterday and today, so far.  This may not seem like a lot to some of you, but we normally only get 6 inches of rain a year here in the desert.  After all the rain we had in December, we are already well ahead of our normal rainfall.  I'm sure it is snowing in the nearby mountains, but they are hidden in the clouds.

It's hard to feel creative when I feel so terrible.  All this humidity really makes my joints ache.  Hopefully, we'll soon see our gorgeous blue sky again soon.

Afternoon:  The rains stopped for now and the mountains became visible.  Snow level is much lower than it was yesterday.  Nice view from my front yard.

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  1. Oh dear this is just the sort of rain we had on much as you had too...let's hope that rain will make the desert bloom well and truly in the next wee while....sorry the joints aren't liking it...that window pattern would make a great background, wouldn't it? LOL!!!