Thursday, January 29, 2015

Taking a break

I haven't been keeping up my blog lately.  I haven't been making cards and don't seem to have much to say.  Yesterday, my dog decided to get me in my craft room.  He managed to get a plastic bag filled with old tags that were traded at a convention long ago.  I didn't realize there was some candy in those old 'matchbooks'.  That sense of smell got him interested.  He managed to tear up lots of paper and plastic.  I spent a lot of yesterday cleaning up the mess.

Apparently, one of these contained a tea bag.  I saw a brown spot on the brown carpet and assumed he had vomited.  After I put carpet cleaner on the spot, I discovered that it was loose tea.  Wetting it created a bigger mess.  If only I had vacuumed first, I probably could have saved myself some work.

At least my dog got me back in the craft room!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Pushing the mojo

I finally made a couple of cards with the backgrounds I created in the previous post.  It's been several weeks since I started these.  I brayered Kaleidacolor ink into the inside of the Musical Notes embossing folder and embossed white cardstock in them.  After staring at my backgrounds for quite a while, I mixed up some Perfect Pearl mica powder into some water in a spray bottle and spritzed the backgrounds to give them some sparkle.  Then, I stared at this creation for a week or so.  Today, I finally turned a couple of them into cards.

I have a lot more to work with so will try to get some more cards assembled soon.