Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm still sorting my things to prepare for a move.  For those who aren't familiar with my problem, I lost my husband to cancer 3 months ago.  I'm losing my home and must move to a rental home.  Before I can move, I must get rid of years of accumulated 'stuff'.  I have been a crafter for many years, but saved things, hoping I would find time to use them.  With the recent changes in my life, I must purge and hope to get a little money to enjoy my life.

I have lots of 'stuff' but haven't taken photos of it.  I'm trying to do that a little at a time.  I'll just keeping adding things to my blog as I get the photos taken.
I took a class to learn calligraphy many years ago.  I practiced, but never really got good enough to use it on my cards.  Actually, I gave away my original supplies and later bought thise things, which have never been used.  I will sell this set for $30, including shipping.

I really enjoyed Gallery Glass for a long time.  I made a lot of fun things.  If you aren't family with this product, you can read about it here:  Gallery Glass  You may be able to find it in your local stores or online.
Set A
Set B
I painted this shape to put in front of a candle.  I have 2 more kits like it available.  I have quite a few other kits available.  I've taken some photos showing groups of items.

Set C

Set D

I have a lot of the paints and leading also, but they may be too old to work properly and probably wouldn't be cost effective to ship them.  If you are interested in buying these sets of items let me know.  I'm not sure about the best method of shipping, if you want all of them.  It would take both a large and a medium USPS priority shipping boxes to fit all of them.  Let me know which sets you would be interested in buying and I'll figure out which box they fit into.  I would like to get $2 for each set, except the small ones in Set C.  They will be $5 for all 4 pieces.  These are all acrylic shapes.

This set is Window Clings.  There are 4 pieces in each set, with the 2 on the right identical.
Set E
The group in Set D includes a book with lots of patterns, a mold for making items from the liquid Gallery Glass, which can be used on windows or other items, textured acylic and tools.  I would like $10 for this set.  It could be shipped in a Flat Rate Envelope or added to a box with other items.

I also have a lot of glass shapes that can be painted with Gallery Glass or other glass paint.  I will sell this set of 34 glass shapes for $10, plus shipping.
There are 2 sets of PermEnamel paint that are unopened and I don't know if they are still good, but I'll include them in the box.

If you are interested in buying any of my items, including those listed on previous days, please email me at

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