Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More for sale

Another day of sorting and taking photos.  These are sponges that are usually used with paint to decorate walls or other items, such a wooden things.  I don't really know if people use these things.  I tried some of them, but didn't use most of them.

If you are interested in any of these, make an offer and we can figure out shipping.  They are light weight, so shouldn't be too much except for bulk.  I can take the alphabet and other sponges out of containers to fit in boxes better.

This Satin Sheen twisted paper ribbon was popular for a while, but I never got the hang of it.  You can open up the ropes to make a bow, I guess.  If you are intersted, make me an offer and I can figure out shipping cost.

This embellishment organizer looked so great at a convention that I bought 2 of them.  The other one is full of brads and works well.  I didn't really need a second one.  There are 5 levels with 8 compartments in each.  You have to take each layer off the center post before opening it.  This one has never been used, so it is stiff.  It will get easier to open after some use.
I don't know what shipping would cost on this either, but make and offer and I'll find out.

This Ukrainian Egg Decorating Kit looked so neat on the old Carol Duvall show that I ordered it.  I never did try it out.  You use the little dipper applicator to apply melted wax to the egg shell.  You dip it in the dye, then apply more wax in a pattern and dip it again.  This continues until you get a finished decorated egg.  Finally, you remove the wax and all the colored designs appear.  If you are artistic and patient, this may be for you.  Directions and patterns are included in the kit.  If interested, make me an offer.

I have so much stuff, this may take me a while to get things posted.  Keep checking back to see what I've found next.  My email address is: oldstamper@gmail.com

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