Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beginning the purge

I'm deeply involved in cleaning up my craft room, preparing for a move.  I decided to offer some of this stuff for sale here before having a yard sale.  Here's my first offering:

These are Sizzix Original dies.  They are the 5/8" thick dies with metal blades.  I use the Big Shot to cut with them.  I couldn't locate the paper insert from the Daffodil and Narcissus die (the yellow and black one.  The others are Lilac, Hydrangea, Tulip and Pansy Paper Sculpting Dies.

The frame dies are the same size and the frames will fill the front of an A2 card.

I also have samples that I had assembled and never finished the cards.  Lots of bits and pieces in this group.  Once you see how to assemble them, you can cut all you want out of many material.

Here are some samples of cards made with these dies.  I didn't make all of these cards, but had these photos in my file.

I'm offering this entire set (except the finished cards) for $50, including USPS Priority Shipping.  Email me if interested:  oldstamper@gmail.com


  1. OMG - I know this is an old post but I ran into it while doing a search for those sizzix dies! OH how I wish I had found you back when you were selling these! I'm having a dickens of a time finding these dies at a semi-reasonable price! That was a lucky person indeed who got such a bargain on your dies! And the flowers & cards you made with them are *lovely*!!! It's a treat to see how wonderful the finished product can look like!