Monday, April 4, 2011

My latest 'addiction'

If you're wondering why I haven't been posting many cards, this is my latest addiction.  I have become hooked on watching the Eagle Cam.  This nest is 80 feet in the air, in a cottonwood tree on the grounds of a fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa.  Bob Anderson did a very good job of setting up the cameras - one for daytime and an infrared camera for nighttime.  He even has zoom and pan capability.  It's really easy to get hooked on watching this.

Two eaglets have hatched and there's one more egg to go.  Mom and Dad take turn on the nest and gathering food.  In the above photo, Mom is closer to the camera (with gray eye shadow).  Dad is standing in back (he's smaller and has a whiter head).

The parents take turns feeding the hungry youngsters  Here's some screen captures I got today.  You can see that both littles get their share of the food.  It does get gross as they are dining on a musrat, who gave his all to keep these lovely birds alive.  They have also dined on rabbit, fish and crow.

There are a couple of sites where you can see more.  There are lots of videos on You Tube and there is a place on Facebook where you can keep up with the others who are watching.

I'm still trying to make cards, but it takes me a long time.  I've been coloring images with colored pencils when eagles are sleeping.  I'll try to post some soon.

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  1. Hi, I saw your blog listed on OWH's blog and I am taking heart with your learning to color. I haven't been able to get it, but your discussion in your previous post makes it more clear to me. Also, I have been watching the eagles too! My girlfriend told me about it and we are watching from Washington state. We have eagles near my house, so it is fun to watch what goes on in the nest! Anyway I just wanted to say hello and say thank you for posting your experience with coloring!

    Lee Mae
    Silverdale, WA