Friday, April 8, 2011

Learning to color images

As many of you know, I've been struggling to learn to color my images.  This flower was stamped in Memento Black Tuxedo ink onto pearescent pale lavender cardstock and cut out with circle Nestibility.  This stamp is by Alesa Baker.
Step 1
1.  I started by coloring the stamens in the middle of flower with yellow pencil.  This doesn't really show in the photo.   I colored the petals from center of the flower outward, using light, short strokes with Mulberry Prismacolor pencil and the leaves with Prismacolor Grass Green pencil.

Step 2
2.  Next, I added a second color with each section, working my way outward and overlapping the strokes.  I used Prismacolor Parma Violet for petals and True Green for leaves.

Step 3
 3.  I now added a third color to each side, using Lilac on the petals and Spring Green on the leaves.

Step 4

4.  The 4th layer of color on the petals is Lavender Prismacolor pencil.

Step 5
5. Finally, I added white to the outer edge of both petal and leaves.  Since the paper is lavender, the white really makes the edges pop.  You can still see all the colors and pencil strokes on the image.

Step 6

6.  The last step is to blend all the colors with a Prismacolor Colorless Blender.  This makes it all look smooth and blended.  I also use my Electric Eraser to clean up any edges or overly dark pencil strokes.

7.  Add an accenting color layer under your image before mounting onto your final card.
Step 7
You can see my finished card in my previous post.

Finished card

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