Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finished some cards, finally!

I finally finished the assembly of these cards today.  I haven't folded them yet because the glue is still drying on the bows.  I couldn't get tape to stick to these ribbons, so I used Crafter's Pick Ultimate glue.  It dries clear and I'm hoping it won't show through the sheer ribbon when dry. 

This embossed designer paper was hard to adhere to the base cards, so I used Miracle Tape around the edges and ATG tape on the centers.  I also burnished them well to get good adhesion.  I'm leaving these 9 cards with no sentiment.  This makes them more versatile for the troops to use.

Here's 2 of the cards, different base cards and different ribbons.  The sheer ribbons seem to make better bows with the fork method, but are harder to attach to cards.

I'm still watching the Eagle Cam.  The 3rd egg still hasn't hatched.  It doesn't look like there's any pips in it yet, so maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Very pretty cards Velda! Love the scalloped oval border.