Monday, January 17, 2011

Card lining tutorial

I frequently have need to attach a liner to my greeting cards, because I enjoy using dark cardstock that is difficult to write a message inside.  Since I lined a whole stack of cards last night, I took photos of the process I use.  Forgive the photos, since I was using camera with one hand and doing the process with the other hand.

I start by cutting a lining paper (pastel, text weight) slightly smaller than the card to allow me a little room for error.  I use a rotary trimmer with a deckle edged blade for this.  Then, I run these liners through my Xyron 900.  I chose this machine because my liners are just less than 8 1/2" and the 900 cuts to 9".  I leave a small space between the liners. 

I use a burnisher to rub the finished product on both sides, before removing the top clear plastic covering from the card liners.  This seems to secure the adhesive to the back of liner and keeps the excess adhesive on the clear plastic, which is removed and discarded.

 I have several of these burnishers that I use interchangably.  The clear and blue ones were purchased from art supply stores and the red & white one is a scraper from the grocery store.  They need a smooth straight edge and a way to hold them firmly in your hand.
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3
Step 4

After cutting the liners apart and removing the clear plastic cover,
Step 1: I fold back a small section of the white base sheet under the card liner and lay it over top of opened card.  I can see through this white base sheet to place evenly over the card, with all edges showing.  Adhere the adhesive backed line to the card at the exposed end. 

Steps 2 & 3: Using the burnisher, I slowly pull back the base sheet, while sliding the burnisher along to follow. 

Step 4: The finished lined card will show a border all the way around the liner.
Step 5
Step: 5. I place my open lined card onto my Scor-It and score the center where card will be folded.  Fold card on this score line and crease the fold with a bone folder.

These are the finished cards, all lined and folded.


  1. Perfect tut! Thanks for sharing! Nelda in TN

  2. The way you do it is perfect! I only fold the insert and put a small strip of double-sided tape on the right hand side near the fold on the back of the card....the insert is not stuck down to the card except for this strip...yours is a good alternative - when I get a Xyron. Thanks for going to all that trouble...