Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sad day in our small town

I spent most of yesterday in shock.  I live in a small town in southern Nevada.  We had some tragic deaths that rocked the community.  These were not close friends, but I have met them.  A husband and wife were found dead in their home, with rumors of murder/suicide.  Details are being withheld until the investigation is complete.  I won't give more details because the family deserves some privacy at this time.

My reason for mentioning this is that this news has stepped on my creativity.  I just can't seem to design cards at this time.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your sadness, it does rock a community when something like this happens.
    We too had some sadness as a gentle gentleman whom my DH visited regularly for a chat passed on..he had a good innings at 87 but my husband is going to miss him a lot. Going by your patriotic cards you've recovered your muse.