Saturday, March 26, 2011

My report on the OWH Design Seminar #2

The highlights of the Design Seminar this morning are posted HERE.  I watched it live on UStream and learned a lot.  You can watch the video of this show HERE.  It is called Seminar 2: Texture & Dimension.

The purpose of this seminar is to improve our card making designs, so that we can send better quality cards to our deployed troops to send to their families.  We should all be proud of the cards we make and do the things that we enjoy and do best.

I have learned that we all have differents talents and skills.  If we don't do something well, choose another technique.  I don't do a good job of coloring images and shading, so I rarely do that type of card.  Digis just aren't for me, but others love them. 

I can't seem to combine patterned papers to make a good finished card.  For this reason, I don't use them often.  I prefer to make my own backgrounds.  I also have problems with card sketches because most people use patterned paper for some of the elements.  I'm trying to learn, but I'm often not pleased with the result.

My goal is to keep learning so I can really be proud of the cards that I make.

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  1. Wow Velda, you have put into words my style of cardmaking exactly ! It's nice to hear that someone else isn;t in love with coloring the digi's.... I love to see them done, just not good at coloring the images.... I have a hard enough time picking colors for my cardstock !

    Thanks for making me feel so 'not alone' :)