Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I took these photos many years ago.  I recently scanned the negatives and worked with them in Picasa.  At the time I originally took these photos, I experimented with raising butterflies.

Black Swallowtail Butterfly
 It all started when I planted some parsley in my yard.  I noticed the black swallowtail butterflies were laying eggs on the parsley and the larvae were eating the parsley. 

I picked some of the parsley and put it in a jar to watch the progress.  It is necessary to have have lots of available parsley for this.  Those little guys eat a lot and grow fast, so I had to keep added more parsley to their jar.  I learned a lot about butterflies  in the several years that I did this.  If you want to try this, it's very educational.

At the time, I created photo collages in my home darkroom.   I matted and framed them and sold a few.  I never kept one for myself.  Now, I'm trying to recreate this on my computer.  Fun project!

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