Friday, January 24, 2014

Miss you cards

Today was another one to use a Stamper's Best sentiment stamp that I hadn't used.  I bought a lot of stamps and never got around to using them.  I love the quality of their stamps, but this one is very large so it consumes much of the card.

I made these 2 cards first and learned some things.  On the blue one, I wrapped the ribbon around the card front and tied a double knot.  The sentiment panel is flat on the card.  On the pink one, I glued the ribbon on the card, then tied a short ribbon around the flat on and glued it in place.  This makes a flatter know.  These rhinestone gems are thicker than the flat blue ones, so I added foam tape under the sentiment panel.  I liked this process, so used the rest of my paper to make a couple more cards.

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