Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Boot Camp Template

Since I took a break after mailing my box of cards to OWH, I decided to study up on the latest Boot Camp on The rule of thirds.  To understand this, please check out the link.

I printed Paula's template and made sure the measurements were correct, then I traced the template onto an acrylic template that I bought years ago from Evolving Images.
I used this template as a guide when making my card.  I also chose the stripes for the Midweek Throwdown on the Stars & Stamps Blog.

After completing the card, I checked it with the template to make sure the Focal Point was at the intersection of the thirds.  The paper is from a 6"X6" pad by MME, called Reunion.

Looking at my finished card, I think the sentiment may have drawn the eye away from the flower, which was my intended Focal Point.  I'll work on this in the future.

Edit:  I tried adding another circle to frame the flower.  Did this help or not?


  1. I don't agree about the sentiment drawing from the flower. I looked at it as all one piece and found the entire card very pleasing to the eye: the flower/tag, ribbon and the two beautiful papers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Velda, What pretty papers...perfect for Spring! Because of the close proximity the eye really does see the flower and sentiment as one unit but I do like it with the added layer. By adding that extra layer you've added some extra contrast and extra "weight" to the flower by making it a larger element in general. I love the idea of a template that several OWHers are making and using for this class. I plan to get a piece of acetate to make one for my tool bag too! Thanks for joining in the March Bootcamp.

  3. Beautiful card. I like the added mat to the flower, giving it more presence. An easy thing to do with greater impact! Nice job!

  4. I agree with the others...the addition of the blue mat under the flower really helps it to pop and draw your eyes right to it. And the sentiment doesn't distract me either! Great job with the Bootcamp assignment (I am going to use Paula's acetate idea too) and with this week's Midweek Throwdown Stripes challenge. Both were done beautifully.

  5. This is nice Velda, I love how you've taken your bootcamp skills and are using them. I'd add a blue layer under the striped/flower panel...

    Thanks for playing in our Operation Write Home Midweek Throwdown challenge!

    Have a great day =)

  6. Great idea-- LOVE that you created a template-- I definitely need to that as well! Both cards look great-- I really love the first one but that's just me-- potato...poooootaaatoooo :)