Saturday, November 12, 2011

Making progress

I hope 11-11-11 was a lucky day for me.  I finished preparing my home for the For Sale listing.  The real estate agent came over yesterday and took photos of all the rooms and the outside.  She was disappointed that it turned cloudy so the outside photos won't show our usual pretty blue sky.  She said she'll come back on a sunny day and replace the photos.  In the meantime, she's writing up the listing to get it on the Internet.

Here's a few photos I took this morning to show you the changes in my craft room and living room.  You can see the before pictures HERE.

View when entering room.

My stamping and coloring table.

Iris carts have wood mounted rubber stamps,
Paper and ink storage above the stamp storage.

Living room after craft room stuff was removed.

As you can see, I'm not ready to move yet - lots more sorting and all the packing to do.  I just wanted it ready to show to potential buyers.  I don't know how soon it will sell, but I'm ready to get on with my life.  Once I depersonalized my house, it's no longer my home.

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  1. I can sure understand how you might feel a bit in limbo right now.