Thursday, November 4, 2010

Autumn leaves

When the leaves are turning, I begin collecting the leaves for pressing.
My husband kindly built me a flower press.  Two squares were cut from plywood.  (Tip:  Keep the two pieces together while drilling holes, so they line up.)  Holes were drilled in the corners and long bolts were threaded through the holes, with washers added.  Wing nuts hold it closed.  I bought a large sheet of blotter paper and cut it to fit, then cut up a large cardboard box the same size. 

Leaves are placed between 2 pieces of blotter paper, then covered with the cardboard square.  I cut off the corners of the squares to make room for the corner bolts.

After several weeks or months, remove the pressed leaves and glue them to greeting cards with Crafter's Pick  Ultimate liquid glue.  I coat the back of dry leaves with the glue, using a toothpick.  Handle carefully or the leaves will break.  Place them on your card and press firmly and allow to dry thoroughly.


  1. Oooo this is a pretty card! And my yard is full of potential card decor. Love the press your hubby made, I might pressure mine into making one too. I keep finding leaves all crumpled and shredded in old cookbooks, I have NO idea when I stuck them there!

  2. Boy Velda you are taking me back about 25 years....the time I have spent pressing flowers and leaves! They look good!