Thursday, August 14, 2014

My little blooming cactus

A while back, I picked up some small cactus plants at the garden center at Wal-Mart.  I planted them in small pots on the patio and they have done rather well.  In fact, several of them have bloomed this summer.  They have also grown, so I transplanted them into larger containers.  They seem to love having new root room and are doing well.

They bloom at night, so it's hard to see much of these flowers.  Last night, I saw that one of them was getting ready to bloom so I took photos.
Early this morning, the flower was beautiful and fresh.  My dog loved it.
About the time the sun first hit the plants, I decided to take another photo.  To my surprise, there was a small 'bee' pollinating the flower.

Very soon after the flower was pollinated, the flower began to close.  This photos were taken at 8 AM and 9 AM.


  1. Beautiful photos Velda. My Dad was a big fan of Cacti and had such big collection when he passed away that we gifted them to the botanical gardens. Enjoy them!

  2. We live in the Southwest desert part-time and I love the beautiful,showy flowers on the cactus. Great pictures. Wonder if the flower will last long?