Monday, April 28, 2014

Convention memories

Earlier in my card making experience, conventions were very well attended.  People traveled long distances to participate in the convention experience.  One of the things that created these memories was the trading of art pieces.  We made pins, tags, matchbooks, etc. and traded with other card makers.  I enjoyed this process and always had lots to trade.  I displayed some of my 'treasures' in my craft room for inspiration.  I just unpacked these old memories and hung them in my present craft room.  This is an old belt and some chains that I used to display the pins.

Some of my collections didn't make it to the hanging display.  These were tags and matchbook covers, some of them containing goodies like chocolate and suckers.
A lot of these have names on them, some with home town and email address.  I know mine is no longer current and I suspect many others aren't current either.  It is inspirational to look through these memories and hopefully find some mojo in them.  Do you have memories from these fun times?
Later, the ATC (Artist Trading Cards) became popular, but I didn't get into that project.  Other memories of those fun times was that I spent way too much money on things that I now have taking up storage space.  The demonstrations always looks so great and I bought things I never used.
As I grow older and less able to spend money or do the projects that I had been so excited about in those days, I find myself buried in things that are no longer trendy.  My advice to others.  Think before you buy.  I'm now old fashioned and can't keep up with modern trends.  My eyes and hands don't work like they did when I was younger.  Enjoy your memories because that's what is left after all the excitement has disappeared.

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