Friday, April 11, 2014

Back to Basics

I've been stuck without mojo for a few weeks.  I decided to go through my old supplies.  I have found a lot of things that I bought when I first started making cards.  Lots of supplies are in my stash.  I also found a box of videos from those days.  Some of these are dated 1999.
My friend and I watched some of these videos yesterday.  One thing we noticed was that there was no patterned paper used.  They made their own designs using ink and cardstock, with very few stamps.  These were the times before embossing folders and dies.  We used plain cardstock and ink, with few stamps.  There were tools that we no long use now.  Many of my supplies have deteriorated from sitting for years unused.

Gingerwood Bulletin Board is encouraging us to use these old supplies and techniques.  We will be having Throwback Thursday events.  There will be no prizes, just a place to be able to share our efforts.  In most challenges, we are encouraged to use the latest supplies.  Those of us who have been making cards for many years have far too much stuff in our stash and need an opportunity to use them and share the results.  You have to register to be a part of this group, but it's free and filled with friendly card makers.  We love to share our knowledge with anyone willing to ask questions.

If I can get motivated, I will try to make some cards using these old techniques.  I even found a few things that I had started and never turned into cards.  I have lots of backgrounds, but here are a few stamped and colored images that got packed away before finishing the project.

These were stamped in white ink on dark cardstock and colored with pencils.  I'll work on turning them into cards.

These were stamped on white cardstock and colored with chalks with chalk blending solution.

I'll see what I can do to use some of my old supplies and techniques.  Stay tuned.


  1. Interesting to look back at old techniques. The images stamped on in white on the dark papers and then colored with pencils look a lot like the current ’chalk board’ craze. They're really pretty and I look forward to seeing them as cards. Hang in there Velda, your inspiration will be back!

  2. I too am an "old stamper", 75 years old and still find stamping fun & interesting. It is nice to have OWH to make cards for.