Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Any Hero mail

After a long hot, dry summer in the desert, we finally got a little rain and cooler weather.  This inspired me to spend more time outside.  I found some pretty things.

I so enjoyed these photos, so I decided to share them with our deployed troops.  Here is a sample of the way that I used them.

One advantage to using personal photos on Any Hero mail is that it gives us something to talk about in the letter.  I can just use my computer to copy the photos to my MS Word program and resize them like I do with digi-images.  I can print as many as I feel like writing letters.  Some of these are in the box of cards that I'm sending to OWH.


  1. WOW Velda, these photos are fantastic! I agree that including a photo does help me too when writing any Hero cards. I've made postcards from some photos of local beaches and attractions. I suspect they probably like seeing and hearing about places back home in the states.