Tuesday, July 3, 2012

RIP - D12

Some sad news arrived this morning.  I have been watching the Decorah, Iowa Eagle Cam and love watching the baby eagles learning life skills.  This year's brood are just over 3 months old and learning about life outside the nest.  They have learned to fly and are learning about catching their own food.

The oldest of this year's hatch had a serious mishap this morning by landing on a power pole and was electrocuted.  For more information on this sad event, please go to the Raptor Resource Project.  This is on Facebook.  If you don't use Facebook, their may be information later on their website - Raptor Resource Project.

This is a recent photo D12:

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  1. That is sad. Each winter the eagles come to nest nearby on the Mississippi River. People can go and watch them during "Eagle Days." I want to go to them sometime, but of course it is always freezing cold when they come here and I am not much for standing out in the freezing cold. Maybe next year.