Monday, April 9, 2012

Butterfly friends

This is a two-part butterfly die by QuicKutz.  I cut the solid piece from orange cardstock and cut the open butterfly from black cardstock.  This is labor intensive because all the little open bits need to be removed and then the 2 pieces glued together with Tombow Multi liquid glue.  It needs to be carefully lined up.  I made the sentiment with a Hero Arts stamp and cut frame with Nestibilities.

The background was made by adding ink to back inside of Cuttlebug folder, then embossing the white cardstock so the embossed areas remain white and the debossed areas are colored by the ink.  I learned this technique from Stamp TV

I have a box of backgrounds that were made long ago.  I like to practice making them after I learn a new technique.  It's good to keep these because they may work well in a future project.  I could never remember all these techniques unless I practice them soon after learning about them. 


  1. I like your idea of practicing a new technique and saving them for future backgrounds. What a great idea and it is something I am now going to do. Thank you and your butterfly card is beautiful!

  2. Thank you for sharing the link about inking the embossing folder. I'd wanted to try that for a while and never knew quite how to go about it. I can appreciate your work on the die. I recently got some that have tons of little pieces and are really labor intensive, but I love the look they create.