Friday, March 16, 2012

Ribbon Storage

I'm working on setting up my craft room in my new home.  This room is much smaller and I need to make some changes.

This is how I stored my ribbon in my old craft room.  This is an 8 foot length of vinyl guttering from the hardware store.  The brackets are available there too, meant to mount it on house.  They are attached to wall with screws.  I placed it near the ceiling above other storage.  I used a Grab-It to get ribbon down where I could use it.
I'm working on now storing my rolls of ribbon in Kleenex boxes on a CD storage shelving unit.

I did a tutorial on making these boxes a year ago on my blog.  You can see it HERE.

I will work on organizing my ribbon more as I get the room more organized.  I have lots more ribbon to organize.  Much of it is still in boxes.


  1. Glad to see you are getting settled in

  2. I love that gutter...the hard thing is that I'd keep buying ribbon to fill it up - LOL! Happy reorganizing :)

  3. What a clever re-use of the Kleenex Boxes Velda! I don't have much ribbon, maybe enough to fill 2-3 of them but I can definitely see these being used in all sorts of places in the house. I love a great, easy idea! Hope you enjoy setting up a new craft room and getting back to creating.

  4. Nice to see you settling in & getting stamping/craft room organized..priority ! Neat way to recycle the Kleenix boxes too.