Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Living with grief

In my efforts to go on with life after the loss of my dear Dick, I've been doing a lot of things.  I am reading a book by Martha Whitmore Hickman, called "Healing After Loss".  This book was given to us in our grief support group at Hospice.  The book is set up to read daily meditations.

Two days ago, I read this in the book:  "If you are an artist, it is work that fulfills and makes you come into wholeness..."

I don't really claim to be an artist, but have learned the skill of making cards.  I have been trying to rediscover this skill.  It's not going well, but I'll keep trying.  Bear with me.

Today, in the book, I read this:  "Grief comes in unexpected surges..."  This is so true.  I never know when something will remind me of my dear Dick.  The tears come and the grief takes over my life for a bit.

I did manage to assemble one of the cards I've been working with.  I found some square brads in my stash and decided to try them to support the sentiment.  I'll keep trying to move on with my life, but I never know when my efforts will be interupted.

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