Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Work ahead

I mailed a box of cards to my OWH shipper yesterday and now have another job to do.  It was 23° here this morning and that wiped out the yard.  My flowers are frozen and leaves came off the trees and cover the lawn.  Looks like some yard work today, after the sun warms it up a bit.
View from patio

Tree nearly bare


  1. Good you got your box away...well done...and wow....all those leaves in just one night....do you often have that kind of frost at this time of year? What a lot of work for you....take great care and do only a little at a time...please...they'll be there the next day no doubt LOL!!

  2. I managed to get the leaves off the grass, but I'll wait on those on edges and under tree for another day. Some years we get this cold and other years we don't. Each year is different.