Monday, December 12, 2011

Looking for mojo

After getting the news that there is an offer on my house, I became a bit happier.  I'm trying to get enough mojo to create a few Christmas cards.  Here's my first & second attempts.

1st card
2nd card


  1. Wonderful News!!! Nothing wrong with the cards either...I came up to the computer...I'm hand writing the inside of a card and you know, I can't even spell success and fulfilment...see I think there are two 'l's' in the middle and I spelt success with one c....there is no hope for me...I've so much on my mind I can't think where that leaves you I don't know!!
    Keep going - you are getting there!!

  2. And there aren't two 'l's' in the middle of fulfilment...augh....stupid me.