Saturday, June 20, 2015

Watercolor learning experience

I've been watching technique videos and this one inspired me to dig out my old Art Impressions watercolor stamps and try it again after many years.  I bought some new Arches Watercolour Paper and my hardware store cut me a piece of hardboard from a scrap.  I taped the paper to hardboard with painter's tape and tried my luck.  Many years ago, I had learned to use these stamps with Marvy markers, then use water to spread the color.  That is what I used this time, but I sure need practice and will try this again.

I'm not fond of this one, but decided to share my attempt with you.  I don't like the placement of the sentiment, but I'll try again - maybe with different stamps.


  1. Hi Velda,

    Hope you are well!

    I think this came out quite nice, especially for a first try back at watercolors. They are fun to use but I will tell you from my years of painting with them that sometimes they have a mind of their own but the more you use them the better you can get at anticipating how they will react. My first watercolor teacher use dot say that when you start 'they control you' and as you gain experience the table turn and 'you start to control them.' :)


  2. Hi Velda! I love how this card turned out. I hope to see more beautiful watercolor cards from you. Have a great day.