Thursday, January 29, 2015

Taking a break

I haven't been keeping up my blog lately.  I haven't been making cards and don't seem to have much to say.  Yesterday, my dog decided to get me in my craft room.  He managed to get a plastic bag filled with old tags that were traded at a convention long ago.  I didn't realize there was some candy in those old 'matchbooks'.  That sense of smell got him interested.  He managed to tear up lots of paper and plastic.  I spent a lot of yesterday cleaning up the mess.

Apparently, one of these contained a tea bag.  I saw a brown spot on the brown carpet and assumed he had vomited.  After I put carpet cleaner on the spot, I discovered that it was loose tea.  Wetting it created a bigger mess.  If only I had vacuumed first, I probably could have saved myself some work.

At least my dog got me back in the craft room!!!


  1. Oh dear! So sorry about the tea bag - but sounds like your dog had a lot of fun even if you didn't!

  2. Hello Velda.....sorry about the mess, one doesn't need this....I have not been able to get into Gingerstamp for a long time - I have no idea what is wrong but it's not happening for me....I miss it.
    I also have spent a long time getting back to my Blogger account and think I've worked out that I was in the wrong account and it wouldn't let me do a new post....I'm going to try and post more often but life gets in the way.
    Trust you are well. We have bitterly cold weather here...the dump of snow we had last Thursday is thawing but only just as there is a bitter wind yesterday and today and it is better to be inside.
    Best regards....and how are the eyes?