Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mojo - where are you?

There was an interesting blog post on the Stars & Stamps blog this week about loss of mojo.  This has been a frequent problem for me.  I tend to make cards in spurts, so I'm always looking for inspiration.  When you read this blog post HERE be sure to read the comments.

Recently, I was tolally stuck and hadn't made a card for 2 weeks.  The blog post on Flower Power helped me to find an inspiration.  It's nice that it's springtime in the desert and flowers are blooming everywhere.


Royal geranium

With this inspiration from my yard, I remembered a technique from long ago of putting punched flowers on my cards.  You can check back on my last few posts to see some of the cards I have made recently.
 Sometimes, my first card leaves something to be desired.  When this happens, I try making another card right away to correct the things I didn't like about the previous card.  This helps me learn to make better quality cards.
I made this pansy card, but stamped the sentiment too far from right edge of card.  This didn't leave enough room to use the ribbon I wanted to use.  I used a narrower sheer ribbon, which was all I could find in the right color.  This card was okay, but I wasn't satisfied with it.  I immediately began making this card.

Besides the placement and ribbon, I changed the colors of the pansies.  I like this card better than the first one.  Sandy Allnock from Operation Write Home always stresses that we need to make the best quality cards we can because our heroes deserve the best.  They do so much for us.

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