Friday, February 24, 2012

Move complete

I finally got all my stuff out of the old house and into my rental home.  I had very good helpers, but it still took a lot of time and hard work.  Now, I have the task of sorting out these boxes and trying to create a home with all this stuff.

I began with very good intentions of organizing my craft room as I moved things.
Then, as things became hectic, the room turned into this:
This is the view from hallway now:
The rest of the house looks much the same.   Take a look at my kitchen:
Now, I've had a break and must get back to work putting shelf paper in cupboards, so I can empty some of these boxes.  I shall return - no promises on timing.


  1. I would rather go through childbirth and a root canal on the same day than move! Good luck! Hang in there....<3

  2. Yes, all is in a muddle but remember how you got thing at a time, one day at a time, there's no hurry, no one says it has to be done just go with the flow but please take great care....your health is more important than a temporary muddle.