Tuesday, January 17, 2012

See through glittered rose

I finally made a card.  My inspiration nearly always is the recipient of the card.  I must be honest.  I made this card partially a couple of years ago.  The image is actually acetate that has the image stamped on it with Memories black ink.  On the back of the acetate, I used glue and glitter to color the image.  The glittered back of image is then covered with laminate and the image is placed between two layers of cardstock with an opening cut out of them.  This allows the light to shine through the card.  The photo does not do it justice.  I wrote a tutorial on this method several years ago.  You can see it HERE

I made a lot of these cards a few years ago.  I actually made the images and inserted them into cards.  I have a whole stack of these with no sentiments.  This way, I can personalize them as I need them.  I sold all my glitter a couple years ago when I started making cards for Operation Write Home.  I didn't want to endanger our deployed heroes by getting glitter on their uniforms.

I added the sentiment on the front and inside the card for a special friend.  I will hold this message and post it after she has received her card.

Just got the message that was received.  Happy Birthday, Patricia!


  1. Bautiful and very insperational!

  2. That's a truly lovely card....and could I be very, very bold and claim it for my birthday as well? It was the 16th - no celebration though as I have had the flu since last Saturday and am still weak and truly fed up being not so well....so now I know sort of what you are feeling...but please don't take flu...and this was after my flu jab in October!
    Hope you are recuperating ok.

    1. Happy birthday to you, Joyce. If I had known, I'd have sent you one too. Take care and get well. I sure don't need the flu right now.