Saturday, June 22, 2019

Trying the Glue Sponge

I watched a video where a new product (to me) was used.  It looked like a useful tool, so I order Glue Sponge.  My first try wasn't as successful as was shown in the video, so I'll keep trying.
My first problem was getting the lid off to expose the glue soaked sponge.  After a couple broken fingernails, I watched video again.  I noticed that one corner of container was removed.  I found some markings that was apparently the place to remove the corner.  I couldn't break it, so I cut the plastic on the lines.  I can now get the lid off.  After all this time and effort, the sponge was pretty dry, so I put the lid back on and turned the container upside down so the glue would return to the top of the sponge.
I first used the glue to adhere the die cut circle with the branches.  The birds are separate and needed to be glued on separately.  I succeeded in getting my fingers so sticky that it was difficult to do anything without washing my hands.  The glue does wash off the hand easily.  My circle was only partly adhered, so I had to add more glue to get all parts to stick. 

My next attempt was to stack the die cut words to make them thicker.  This didn't work at all for me because my old fingers have problems lining up the letters before the glue dries.  Once glue is dry, there is no moving it.  I finally resorted to using single layer of words and that stayed in place just fine.

I'll keep working with this product because it looks like a good solution to adding adhesive to detailed die cuts.  I think a lot of my problem is using my old, tired fingers for detailed work.  Practice, practice, practice.

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