Sunday, March 19, 2017

Why make cards?

I've often wondered what motivates others to make cards, when they are available to purchase.  I make them for several reasons:
  1. I like to personalize cards for the recipient.  I like cards that appear to be made especially for me.  I assume others do also.
  2. I enjoy creating artistic things.
  3. I have so much 'stuff' accumulated that I want to use it up so it doesn't get thrown away when I'm gone.
Why do you make cards?  Do you keep them or mail them?  I've heard others say in their blogs that they don't like to part with their art after creating it.  I avoid this by thinking of the recipient when designing cards.  Besides, my creations aren't that spectacular.  I make cards to make others happy and thought about.

I've been fighting health issues and not making many cards lately.  Here is the latest card that I made.
I made this for a male relative who is working on health issues, with diet and exercise.  He is seriously working on improving his health and I think he will understand my message for his birthday.  I looked for a sentiment for the inside of the card and chose this one:
Since I'm trying to use up my supplies and not add to them, I used very old stamps that I've had for years.  I know the stamps will outlive me, but I have to use the perishable supplies.  I still have lots of cardstock and ink, but the ink pads are gradually ending their use.  Even some reinkers are no longer usable.


  1. Love the card and I think the recipient will understand and appreciate your thoughtfulness! I probably do as many cards with the recipient in mind as I do with cards that have no special person attached to them. I think it's best to do what makes YOU happy so you enjoy the process of creating and giving.

  2. Don't sell yourself short! Your card is darling!
    I'm one of those that hates to part with my cards. I have 9 boxes of cards. When I need one, I usually start with the oldest first. I just sent a card that was over 10yrs. old. Now my dirty little secret is revealed!
    I do make cards for specific relatives for birthdays.

  3. Hi Velda! I love these cute little mice! I don't mind giving my cards away because I have too many anyway. Many times I'll give a number of them as a gift for others to use. I get my joy from making the cards. Have a great day!