Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sorting scraps

When I get overwhelmed by a problem, I need to try to find a solution.  Since I had lots of paper scraps piled on my table, I needed a place to put them as I sorted them.  The first step was to create some storage containers from some empty Kleenex boxes.  You can see the tutorial HERE.  I have a lot of these for storage, but I needed some empty ones.
When the glue had dried and I could remove clothes pins, I started sorting into the boxes.  I used 4 containers.  Full and large sheets went into the existing container.  Medium size pieces (suitable for layering) went into 2nd box.  Patterned paper had it's own box and those odd shaped pieces (suitable for punches and stamping images) went into the 4th box.
This looked pretty good until I turned around to see where I had stacked stamped images, digi images and die cut papers.  Where to begin with this...

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  1. Hi Velda:
    I am sure you will get everything in the right place,, still playing with all the new goodies i love everything,,
    God Bless